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 Start your work week with a healthy dose of intention and mindfulness.  Dive into powerful strategies and practical tips that foster mindful leadership and promote work-life balance.  Discover how to combat common challenges like stress, anxiety, and burnout, while enhancing emotional resilience, productivity, and creativity.

Come back every Monday for fresh insights and actionable ideas on incorporating mindfulness at work and creating a culture of wellness in your organization and life. 

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Ever noticed how the atmosphere in a room can shift with a single person’s mood? Well, workplaces are no different. The workplace culture, that elusive vibe we all sense, significantly impacts employee satisfaction. But what if there’s a secret ingredient to foster a positive culture? Enter mindfulness. Understanding Mindfulness in the Workplace Mindfulness, the practice […]

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I'm a wellness obsessed jill-of-all-trades.  As I was building my Mindfulness business, helping companies care for their employees wellbeing through meditation and breathwork, I also became so excited to help other entrepreneurs build businesses based on what they're here to do in the world.   And with my corporate background in event management, curating  intimate spaces to bring like-minded people together IRL is a gift.  That's what you'll find here!  Welcome !

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Get the productive morning meditation

Taking the time to breathe and align each morning helps you live each moment with more intention.  We don't meditate to get good at meditation - we meditate to get good at life.