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Helping ambitious self-starters ditch anxiety and get aligned, calm, and focused - fast (even in the middle of a busy meeting).

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Mindfulness is what the
(working) world needs now.

The companies that are going to succeed in the post 2020 era are the ones who take care of their people.  When people are well taken care of, and are connected to their purpose, they in turn help their companies succeed.   The data is clear - anxiety levels are at an all time high, and mindfulness is proven to help.  

I believe in working smarter not harder, that you're more productive when you work from a place of rest, and that meditation and mindfulness practices are THE KEY to unlocking your greatest potential.


Centering exercises, experiences, or education should be table-stakes for every meeting and event these days to maximize engagement, productivity & retention.  Let me help you design your next meetings mindfulness component. 

How I Help...

I help business care for their employees wellbeing through actionable mindfulness tools so they go from anxious to calm, fast.  In a time where our work demands continue to intensify and the world keeps getting crazier and crazier,  it’s imperative we create the space to pause, reflect, and reconnect with ourselves.  

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Custom solutions to go from anxious to calm, fast - All without opening a meditation app (because you can't stop a stressful meeting to go close your eyes for 20 minutes)

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Weekly Wellness Content for your team.

You know that the mental and physical health of your team is high on the priority list in 2022 - but, where do you start?   How about adding in a "Mindful Monday" or "Wellness Wednesday" program? 

Here's your one-stop-shop for white-label curated weekly wellness content for your team that's approachable, based on science, and will help your company feel more connected and supported in the changing times ahead.  

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Get the productive morning meditation

Taking the time to breathe and align each morning helps you live each moment with more intention.  We don't meditate to get good at meditation - we meditate to get good at life.  


The Mindful Advisor Podcast

The  source of inspiration and practical advice for financial services leaders to learn how to think, act and communicate with more presence, more intention and more purpose. 


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The Mindful Masterclass

Check out the premier program for high-achievers to implement mindfulness in their work and lives.  This 4 module masterclass is designed to empower you to use the tools throughout your day. 

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Success Stories

"I'm 56 years old and I have never heard anything like this!  WOW does this all make sense.  It's like a domino effect.  Thank you for your wise words."

- Kat sim, CURRENT STUDENT, after hearing the first module of the mindful masterclass


Because when we're more focused, productive and present, our gatherings become more valuable.  


If YOU had a Rider (a list of requests for you to perform your best) what would be on it? What are the things and circumstances that YOU need in order to perform your best? Use this workbook to discover what helps you create repeatable scenarios for success as you plan your next event.


Ready SetBook.

Let's hop on a call and discuss the best way to support your team or your clients.  

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Secrets to a More Productive Morning

They say "win the morning and you'll win the day".   Download this quick guide for 3 secrets to help you have a productive morning and set your day up for success.

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