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Cultivate corporate harmony and conscious leadership with bespoke Keynotes and Workshops.  These sessions are an invitation to step into a new way of being.  From building your personal mindfulness toolkit or finding your rhythm in "Flow State",  your audience will gain nourishing insights that translate into immediate action.



Each 30-60 minute session is a treasure trove of conscious insights, tools, and strategies that help you deal with stress, amplify productivity, and drive meaningful growth, both on a personal and organizational level. Ashley's approach focuses not only on immediate transformation but also on nurturing sustainable habits that will continue to bloom in your life and workspace long after the session is over.

 Ashley's mission is to inspire you to live more intuitively and mindfully, and to "get intentional about what you pay attention to."  This isn't just a skill, but a lifestyle that fosters better decisions, healthier relationships, and a richer life.

Expect a hearty blend of personal stories, casual confidence, and a spark of wit that makes the journey towards mindfulness feel like a chat among friends.

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Mindfulness & Intention 101

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Mindful Leadership

Nervous System Regulation

Navigating Change in the workplace

Navigating change in the workplace

Are you or your team facing a period of change or transition? Join us for the "What's Next Workshop," where we will explore strategies for navigating the next steps in your career.

This interactive workshop is designed to provide practical guidance and support for individuals facing layoffs or seeking to explore new opportunities. Through a combination of group discussions, activities, and mindfulness sessions, participants will gain valuable insights and tools to help them move forward with confidence.


the "What's next workshop" for companies undergoing layoffs


Key Audience Takeaways

Gain New perspectives

Uncover your own unique happiness formula, which lies in three simple, yet profound questions.  Gain an understanding of your own unique goals and purpose.

Master your nervous system

Learn practical strategies for managing change and uncertainty, empowering you to take control of your career path, with actionable techniques to help you adapt to new circumstances and thrive in the face of transition.

Actionable roadmaps

They'll gain  the confidence and tools to navigate change and uncertainty with resilience, and uncover the exact next steps to take in living a fulfilled life ahead. 

Be Intentional About What You Pay Attention To

Dive into an engaging and transformative Mindfulness 101 session as we explore the cutting-edge neuroscience behind mindfulness and how it can dramatically enhance your daily life. In this session, you’ll learn the INFUSE method, a revolutionary approach to incorporating mindfulness into your everyday experiences.

You’ll hear relatable stories, learn tangible strategies, and practice easy-to-follow exercises to provide a powerful toolkit for mindfulness success. Whether you're navigating high-stress situations at work, struggling to find balance at home, or seeking ways to cultivate a more fulfilling, focused life, this session is your key to unlocking boundless potential.




Key Audience Takeaways

Intentional living

Gain insight into how your attention shapes your experiences and emotions. Learn to activate your brain's Reticular Activating System (RAS) to focus on positivity and growth and how to build healthy habits that stick.

Master your nervous system

Discover how to recognize and manage emotional triggers and stress responses. Learn practical strategies to shorten your 'comeback rate,' enabling you to bounce back faster from life's challenges.

Practical Mindfulness Practices

Understand the scientific benefits of mindfulness and get introduced to practical exercises  that help to instill a sense of calm and clarity even in the midst of chaos.   Learn how to identify and utilize activities that naturally promote mindfulness in your life, allowing for a more personalized, enjoyable approach to this powerful practice.

You're the CEO Of Your Life

Discover the transformative power of personal leadership. This session offers a fresh perspective on personal development and self-empowerment, challenging you to step into the CEO role of your own life.

Designed for individuals ready to break free from societal norms and preconceived roles, we delve deep into the questions that truly define our lives. 'How do I want to feel?' becomes a compass for our life.

With expert guidance, engaging exercises, and inspiring discussions, you'll map out your unique life vision, identify your core desired feelings, and create an actionable plan to integrate them into your daily routine. Whether you're striving for better work-life balance, more meaningful relationships, or greater fulfillment, this session will equip you with the mindset and tools to make it happen.


The Ultimate Blueprint for Personal Empowerment


Key Audience Takeaways

Personal Empowerment

Learn to master your life by taking the reins and leading as the CEO. You'll gain a fresh perspective on personal development, challenging societal norms and roles to define your own life terms.  Unleash the power of your mind by learning to focus on life-affirming feelings. Understand how these feelings act as a magnet, attracting a reality that resonates with your true desires.

Core Desired Feelings

Explore your true desires by identifying your core feelings. You'll delve deeper into understanding what you really want to feel rather than what you want to DO or HAVE, creating a powerful shift in perspective.

Actionable Plan

Equip yourself with the tools to bring your vision to life. You'll create a unique blueprint to integrate your core desired feelings into your daily life, leading to a more fulfilled and balanced lifestyle.

Personalized Life Vision:

Discover the power of crafting your own life vision. This hands-on session will guide you in mapping out your personal "Org Chart," helping you to align your values and goals across all facets of your life.

Dive into the STREAM

This dynamic, immersive session will revolutionize how you think about productivity and creativity. Leveraging a captivating blend of science, psychology, and practical application, we'll navigate the STREAM method - Strengths, Time, Resources, Environment, Autonomy, and Milestones.

We'll also explore the game-changing principle of "Yes, And," and its extraordinary potential to create harmonious, high-performing teams. This is not just about optimizing work; it's about discovering joy, satisfaction, and unparalleled performance in your personal and professional life.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, team leader, or employee, prepare to unlock a transformative new level of focus, engagement, and achievement.


Unlocking Your Flow State for Optimal Performance


Key Audience Takeaways

Mastering STREAM for Personal Flow State: 

Learn to implement the STREAM methodology to successfully enter Flow State. From Strengths and Time to Resources, Environment, Autonomy, and Monitoring, you will understand how each element interplays to foster a peak performance state and enhance your personal productivity.

Mastering STREAM at Work: 

Discover how to apply the STREAM model in your organization to encourage Flow state, increasing productivity, creativity, and satisfaction among your employees.

Breathwork: The Daily Wellness Hack You've Been Missing!

Explore the untapped potential of our nervous system and learn to use breathwork as a daily wellness tool. This session is designed for those of us who have ever lamented, "I'm too busy to meditate", offering an efficient, scientifically-backed alternative to boost energy, reduce stress, and enhance focus.

This session will unravel the mechanics of our nervous systems and shed light on how we can effectively 'hack' it using our breath. We'll also master the correct breathing techniques and learn about the transformative BAR Method, which allows you to modulate your energy levels just by breathing consciously.


Using breathwork to hack your nervous system


Key Audience Takeaways

Deep Understanding of the Nervous System: 

Gain a profound knowledge of how your nervous system functions, its pivotal role in managing stress, and the impact it has on your daily life. This foundational understanding will pave the way for you to harness your body's inherent power to promote wellness and resilience.

Practical Tools to Hack the Nervous System: 

Learn practical, easy-to-implement techniques that effectively "hack" your nervous system. Utilize breathwork in your everyday life as a tool to influence your mental state, helping you manage stress, increase energy, and maintain focus.

Transformative Breathwork Techniques:

 Understand how to use the BAR Method to change your energy state on-demand. These specialized breath patterns – Water, Whisky, and Coffee – mimic the effects of their namesake beverages, allowing you to intentionally shift your energy without external substances, from enhancing relaxation to boosting energy and focus.

Mindful Leadership

In this engaging program, we will delve into the core values and easy-to-implement techniques that empower leaders to create a culture of mindfulness. Discover how to enhance presence, sharpen focus, gain clarity, and foster compassion within yourself and your teams.

Through immersive exercises and expert guidance, your leaders will develop the skills to effectively connect with their own sense of purpose, while promoting a harmonious and engaged work environment.


Creating a culture of mindfulness that inspires your organization 


Key Audience Takeaways

Mastering Mindful Leadership Values: 

Understand the core values of mindful leadership - presence, focus, clarity, and compassion. Learn how to embed these values into your leadership style to build a culture of trust and engagement within your teams.

Practical Tools for Mindful Leadership

Gain hands-on experience with easy-to-implement mindfulness tools that can enhance your leadership skills. Use these tools to augment decision-making abilities, manage stress, and maintain focus amid the constant demands of the workplace.

Cultivating Purpose-Driven Leadership:

 Discover how mindfulness can help leaders reconnect with their individual sense of purpose. Explore how this sense of purpose can inspire teams, boost morale, and drive organizational success.


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