Quick moving for sustained attendee engagement.
Appropriate for all experience levels.
Specifically crafted to suit the corporate environment.

Each 30-minute Guided Mindfulness Session includes a centering topic, light mindful movement, breath work and meditation.

Monthly Guided Sessions

Elevate your team's year with tailored monthly sessions, each focusing on a unique, timely topic reflecting your organization's needs.

Guided Session Packs

Opt for multiple sessions at your pace, themed around pre-selected topics like "Mindful Leadership" and "Mindful Holiday."

Build Your Own Custom Packs

Customize your mindfulness journey with multiple sessions on your schedule and topics of your choice.

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Monthly Guided Sessions 

A consistent cadence of sessions promotes a culture of mindfulness for your organization. 

Each month's session is unique and tailored to address relevant themes from current events, seasonal changes, or within your organization.  

Embracing Change

The Power of Presence

Cultivating Joy

Letting Go

Riding the Waves of Uncertainty

The Next Right Step

Harnessing Resilience

 Beginners Mind

Embracing Creativity

Cultivating Concentration

Establishing Boundaries

Monthly TOpic examples:

A Mindful Holiday


Annual package

Call to schedule

Book multiple sessions on topics that are relevant for your team and timeframe.  Whether you'd like a weekly boost for Mental Health Awareness  Month or one-session-per-day for  Employee Appreciation Week,  these versatile pre-selected packs make it easy to plug and play right into your employee wellness  initiatives. 

Improving Focus

Reducing Stress

Cultivating Confidence 

Boosting Creativity

Li ving in Gratitude

Mindful Consumption

The Art of Contentment 

The Gift of Presence

The Mindfulness at work Session Pack

The Mindful Leader Session pack

The Mindful Toolkit Session Pack

Leading with Presence

Decisive Action

Building Resilience

Inspiring Trust

Mindful Relationships

Establishing Boundaries

Purpose & Passion

The Mindful HOliday Session Pack

A Restful Mind


4-Session Pack

Call to schedule

Themed session packs, with the flexibility to use according to your preferred timeframe. 

Guided Session Packs

Pack Themes  

Build Your Own
Four-Session Pack

Book multiple sessions to be held when you wish, on the topics of your choice. 

Choose the topics that align best with your team's needs and aspirations. Each session is fully customized to offer a personalized approach to cultivating mindfulness in YOUR workplace.

Embracing Change

The Power of Presence

Cultivating Joy

Letting Go

Boosting Focus

Releasing Stress

Harnessing Resilience

 Beginners Mind

Building Creativity

Cultivating Concentration

Establishing Boundaries

custom topic examples, Or choose your own:

Embracing Gratitude


4-Session Pack

Call to schedule

Each session kicks off with a quick, engaging discussion about the day's chosen theme. This sets the stage for the practice to follow and helps anchor your mindfulness experience.

Topic Overview:

Each session is structured in the same way, centered around a different theme: 

We transition from the topic overview into a centering exercise. This essential step enables participants to ground themselves, fostering a mindset conducive to deep mindfulness practice.

Engaging in simple, accessible movements  that can be done right at your desk heightens bodily awareness, enhancing our connection to the present moment and grounding us more deeply in mindfulness. 

Light Mindful Movement:

Centering Exercise:

By consciously connecting breath to body, we tap into a natural reservoir of calm and equilibrium, promoting inner balance amid external turbulence.

Finally, we delve into a meditation practice, all tied back to our initial centering topic. This culminating practice helps consolidate the learnings and experiences of the session, leaving participants with a profound sense of tranquility and clarity.


Breath Work:






Session Structure

Sounds great, but does it really work?

Yes!  Mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork are all proven methods to reduce stress, increase job satisfaction among many other benefits.  Check out some scholarly articles below for the science.   

More Data, pls

Ray Dalio 

of bridgewater has this to say: 

“I had learned meditation used it to reflect on mistakes and to clear my mind and reflect... because that's where your progress is.”

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


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My goal is for each session with your team to be approachable, inspiring, and purposeful.  Have something in mind that's not in this list?  Let's connect.  I'd be so happy to curate mindful moments for your brand. 

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