Give them the tools they need for profound  positive shifts - today.

We're going to go big here in order to grab some attention. 

Mindfulness is a life skill that helps you think more clearly, be a better leader, and helps you connect to your own innate wisdom.  Learn tools to use daily on your own, because you can't  whip out a meditation app in the middle of a meeting. 

Is your team super stressed these days?  I mean, who isn't...


Here's the deal.  The companies that are going to succeed in the post 2020 era are the ones that take care of their employees wellbeing.  

The Mindful Masterclass teaches how to access stress-busting, productivity enhancing,  life-changing tools at any time throughout your day - even without technology or an app as a guide. It includes clear tutorials, and is a customizable blueprint catering to even the biggest skeptics. Best of all, live monthly guided sessions help with accountability and provide expert coaching.

Get healthier, more engaged employees, build trust, & increase your bottom line.

The great resignation doesn't need to effect you.

Easy and approachable mindfulness education and techniques for your team, plus monthly live Guided Sessions so each participant  can build their own customizable practice that works them and they'll actually use. 

The mindful masterclass Program


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Monthly Live Sessions

Monthly guided mindfulness sessions including movement, breathwork and meditation for your team.

All sessions are recorded and available in the Masterclass LIbrary for those unable to attend live. 

corporate program includes: 

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Custom Branded Technique Library

4 Modules of Mindfulness Education, focused on scientifically proven techniques and methods

Each module contains short, easily digestible, video or audio segments. Ability to access at any time, and review as often as needed

Company branding and welcome video/messaging available to customize to your business objectives

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Program Intro email for all participants

Monthly reminder notifications prior to each live

Reporting available outlining attendee KPI data as requested

Completion badges, certificates, and contests to boost employee engagement

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Mindful Leadership for Top Executives

Mindful Leadership matters more than ever before to build a culture of trust and progress within your organization.  This speciality session is designed for your top executives to focus on their own sense of purpose.






The ROI is BIG for workplace mindfulness

How does this sound?

Improve focus: Just a single mindfulness session can cut mind-wandering by 22%

Reduce stress: studies show 30 days of consistent meditation lowers stress by 32%, and just 4 10 minute sessions reduces burnout by 14%

Save employers money: A study at Aetna indicated a savings of $3,000 per person per year in productivity and medical costs after implementing a company meditation program

Positively impact physical health and disease, and increases happiness & life satisfaction, directly effecting healthcare costs. 

Boost engagement in the workplace: Workers who meditated gained 62 minutes of productivity per person, per week according to an Aetna study


Register your team for the masterclass via the form link below, and within 24 hours you'll receive a custom link to purchase the masterclass for your team.

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Confirm a consistent date and time for your live sessions (ex: first Monday of each month at 11am Est)

Choose from our standard design, or provide any assets for your custom technique library (video or text message from leadership, or add custom imagery, colors, logos)

Review and approve library before going "live" and distributing to your team.

Customize your experience

Upon purchase, you'll receive done-for-you communications to share with your team, outlining the program objectives to boost engagement each month.

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How it works

Take a peek inside the
Masterclass Technique Library ....

& let's get  them started!

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Mindfulness Overview

This introductory module busts misconceptions on what mindfulness is and outlines the science and physiology behind why it works.  It deep dives into our nervous system and covers what we should have learned about our bodies in school. 

what's included in the technique library: 

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If you've ever said, "I'm too busy to meditate", then this module on  breathwork may be your favorite.   Get a deep dive into the  newest "trend" in the wellness space that you'll use every single day. 

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This module breaks down different types of meditations and how to incorproate them into your everyday life easily - with our without an app to follow along.   Demystify the practice and discover what works for you.

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Mindful Movement

Learn how easy, intentional movements can transform your energy levels, quickly. This library of easy dynamic and static movements is perfect for moments when you need a boost, without tying up your sneakers. 

"I'm 56 years old and I have never heard anything like this! WOW does this all make sense. It's like a domino effect. Thank you for your wise words."

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"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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“"The companies that are going to succeed post 2020 are the ones that take care of their employees wellbeing.”

- ashley Cardini

I help business care for their employees wellbeing through actionable mindfulness tools so they go from anxious to calm, fast.  In a time where our work demands continue to intensify, it’s imperative we create the space to pause, reflect, and reconnect with ourselves.  

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How is this different than a meditation app subscription for my team?

The mindful masterclass releases the dependancy model

Our phones are competing for our attention on a second-by-second basis.  Every time we pull out our phones to lisiten to a meditation app, we're tempted to scroll ANYWHERE else.   It's like having an AA meeting at a liquor store.  

The Mindful Masterclass is teaching a man how to fish.  It's releasing the dependancy model of traditional meditation apps so you can learn HOW to meditate, WHICH techniques you can use throughout your day, and WHEN to apply them.   It helps users uncover what techniques work for them, so they build mindful habits - because you can't listen to a meditation app for 10 minutes when you get ticked off in the middle of a busy meeting. 

Hold up - step back - what exactly is mindfulness?

cultivating a deeper awareness of the present moment

Yes,  the term is having its moment in the sun these days, and popping up everywhere, but what exactly is it, and how will it help your team?  

Mindfulness is the act of learning how to be more aware in the present moment.  So much of our lives we spend replaying the past or worrying about the future.  Practicing mindfulness and becoming more intentional about what we pay attention to puts us in the diver seat instead of having our minds take over.   Ultimately, it helps our bodies and minds function with more ease.

“The main business case for mindfulness is that if you’re fully present on the job, you will be a more effective leader, you will make
better decisions, and you will work better with other people.” 

- Gelles (2012)

review at your own pace

learn through trial, coaching and experiencing

create a culture of mindfulness

Follow a proven roadmap

Try The Masterclass for the 1st Month, and get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

30-day money-back guarantee
Put The Mindful Masterclass Program to the test! Use the program 100% risk-free for 30 days from purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with The Mindful Masterclass, simply send us a request for a refund of the course fee.*

*finance fee is non-refundable.

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I totally get it - implementing an initiative for your team is a big deal.  I've talked with tons of human resources leaders to make sure this program fits the bill.  Let's schedule a call to make sure it will work for your team too. 

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